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About Us

Welcome to Social Metz, where direct primary care meets cutting-edge digital marketing! My name is Nicole Sparling and I founded Social Metz during my tenure as the 2023 medical student rep. for the Direct Primary Care Alliance. My initial passion for educating students of the impact of Direct Primary Care (DPC) led to building a deep understanding of its intricacies and structure. However, this knowledge promoted a new interest. I realized DPC clinics needed help connecting with their patients to both grow the patient panel and better explain the benefits of DPC. 

Our Mission

Social media offers the effective communication necessary to bridge the gap between patients and their communities. In founding Social Metz, we can now utilize these social platforms to post handcrafted and original, engaging DPC content. From infographics to charts, we bring creativity to healthcare advertising, making it accessible and fun. Our goal is to ensure clinics educate and connect meaningfully with their local communities and their patients.


At Social Metz we are deeply committed to supporting the direct primary care movement as we recognize its potential to revolutionize modern healthcare. Our social media management and content creation strategies will help clinics link to more patients than ever before and will inform their communities of the advantages of DPC. We hope, by working together, we can help you spread your impact further than you ever imagined. 

Clients We Work With

Why Work With Us?

Health Care Expertise

Our founder's role as a medical student and experience in DPCA, ensures that the creative content and strategies implemented accurately represent the intricacies of direct primary care.

Tailored Strategies

The extensive knowledge gained provides a deep understanding of the specific needs and challenges faced by DPC clinics, allowing Social Metz to customize strategies accordingly.

Passion for DPC & Creativity

The enthusiasm and creativity injected into every project ensures that clinics not only receive professional services but also gain a partner genuinely invested in their success.

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